Chevron Pan Holder

I made a chevron pan holder in pink and purple for Valentine’s Day. I have really struggled making the chevron pattern so I made a small version of it. The chevron crochet stitch looks great for blankets and pillows which hopefully with practice I will be able to do.

The pan holder is pretty wavy but I’m sure in time, it will flatten out. My edges aren’t perfect but I still love it and the middle looks great. I really had to focus and count as I go instead of crocheting and then going back to count. The pink yarn is a different size yarn and that’s why it looks smaller than the purple.


Now that I look at it, it reminds me of the Wonder Woman symbol. Lol.

I watched this YouTube video from Bella Coco to help me out and I hope it helps you too.

What did you guys make for Valentine’s Day?


Valentine’s Table Runner

I adore this Valentine’s Day Table Runner. I made it with purple, white, burgundy, and pink. The white yarn is a different texture because it is shiny, silky smooth, and more bendable than the other colors.20180207_15121520180207_151233

I used the same N hook and double crochet stitch on this table runner.20180207_15130620180207_15133120180207_151411

The edges curl up a bit but I’m hoping over time they will flatten out. I need to tie my ends into it too.20180207_15100420180207_151023

This table runner is 45 inches long.20180207_151103

And it is a little over a foot wide.20180207_151150

First Crochet Blanket

This purple, pink and white blanket is just what my girls wanted. I used the double crochet stitch on it. I’m new to crocheting and this stitch is easy to remember and count. Using an N hook also helped me get this done. With the larger stitches, it was easy to see where I needed to go next and helped me with turning around. There are 142 double crochet stitches across.20180207_144756

So far this blanket is 30 inches tall.


This blanket is 49 inches wide.


This is what I have left of the purple and pink. I’ve run out of the bright white so I’m going to need to find some more of all three colors.


I still need to crochet my yarn ends into the blanket and decide how big I want the blanket to be. I’m very excited to see this blanket once I get it done and I’ll post a picture of it.